About Us

About Us
The Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis County Chamber of Commerce was established in 1965 by a group of concerned business persons in an effort to deal with emerging challenges in our area. The voluntary based organization is governed by a Board of Directors, and is composed of: business, professional, civic organizations and individual members. It is the coordinated and collective effort of all members and their investments of time, money, and skills that have contributed to making Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County a better place to live, work, and play.
Mission Statement
Together we can fillful our obligation to serve our community and make Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis County a better place to live, work, and play.
Purpose of the Chamber
The Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis County Chamber of Commerce is an association of individuals, businesses and organizations wishing to improve the local community.  The Chamber is an independent, non-profit organization run by its members through an elected board of directors.


The Chamber brings local businesses, industries, professional firms and individuals together to create a unified voice working to improve business and build a better community.


The Chamber seeks to promote business and community growth by strengthening the economic, civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and educational interests of Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County.


The Chamber organizes and directs the energy, talent and money invested by the members into projects which improve the business climate in our community.


The Chamber works in partnership with the Development Authority, the Board of Tourism, the City and County officials and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.




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